Working Environment part 3 - Facebook and Free Time

Hi again and as always brilliant comments from you Jeffrey..."Is that a Stratocaster I see before me?"

I recycled som here now "....doing Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, all multiple times per day, all complete with photos throughout the ... I sometimes wonder why they do it, too. and then I realize they are merely catering to the curiousity of anyone so concerned ...".
"... we manage to keep work life nice and separate from all the other aspects of life..."

Yes Facebook and the other Social Tools that we tend to get so involved with that we forget how much. But even if Facebook is a tool meant for fun connections it serves also as identity markers and believe it or not possible clients can lurk in the the why is answered in many ways: We ARE social creatures, we like some fun and we are identified by our groups. Facebook is inn some weird sense also a way to turn your past into a part of your present life. If being 24/7 on Facebook is considered to actually have a life :-).

I love it when you say tha we manage to keep work life separated from the rest.
Glad to see that there are positive thinkers out there. I myself is not all that brilliant at keeping the two separate as I not sit at 8 PM at home writing this entry. But is this work or play you might ask? If you go to and search fpr Tim Brown you may find his session on what he calls "Serious Play"......Maybe real creative work is a form of play? As a real good game can be hard work....