• The Font Farewell Follow-Up...interoperability part 3

    Hooray for Comments and Feedback!

    Thanks Steve Meyer and Jeffrey Callicott for adding to this discussion. I love it. Not only because Jeffrey shares my feelings and also have good hope that the agreement between Bentley and Autodesk will lead to mutual ability to read SHX/RSC. That is all well... But we must also consider the world outside Audodesk and Bentley. TTFs are readable all over the place and our internal…

    • Thu, Jan 15 2009
  • The Font Farewell - .....Interoperability part 2

    Last time I spoke on Naming Conventions but there is of course more to be done to really communicate.

    We are talking about Fonts of course. How many of you MicroStation users heve not been frustrated over not having the right SHX font available and how many AutoCAD users have not been frustrated in relation to the RSC-fonts? The mere fact that AutoCAD cannot handle RSC-fonts should give us a hint on that we have…

    • Tue, Jan 13 2009
  • Time for REAL interoperability! Change names for things...

    Well folks isn't it nice with the Autodesk-Bentley agreement which might lead to better communication between AutoCAD and MicroStation.....

    But should we not now start talking about really making it easy for people to make the transition between different software platforms?  We can all participate.

    Let us first start with names - Let us call a Layer a Layer in MicroStation too. Historically it all came from…

    • Fri, Jan 2 2009
  • Exciting things are happening - The mouse is obsolete!


    Have you heard great stuff is happening in the computer world and it is only a breath away to be integrating CAD...

    see this:  http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/jeff_han_demos_his_breakthrough_touchscreen.html

     Everything is intuitive, touch screen and just beautiful!!!


    Go and check it out!

    • Thu, Dec 25 2008
  • Xmas is here....

    ....and we need to relax and to think of each other a bit.

    Even though many scientists say that Baby Jesus was born in April and not now we are still celebrating.

    So do not argue on small matters now but enjoy the spirit of giving, love and load your batteries....they need to be fully charged in 2009!

    • Tue, Dec 23 2008
  • Welcome to the Hans Loord Blog!

    Hi you people out there....

    It is now time to go cyber for all users and others.

     Do not hesitate to visit this blog at any time.


    More will come soon...

    Many regards


    Hans Loord

    • Wed, Dec 17 2008