Freeware utility Model Carousel released

Quite long time ago (nearly one year) I participated on this discussion about key-ins to go through models. A solution was not found at this time, because MicroStation doesn’t provide the required functionality: It’s possible to activate a model from Models dialog, to go back and next in a history of already visited models and also to open model by key-in if its name is known. But there is no key-in to go e.g. through all models of specified type one by one without a knowledge how many models of what names exit in the design file.

It stayed in my head, because I never thought about such request before, but it sounded like good idea to have this functionality in MicroStation. And as developer I was pretty sure it should be not so complicated. And now, a few month later, I finally found some time to return back to this problem … well, probably more true is I didn’t want to pursue something serious, so I focused on this more pleasant activity instead of it :-) Anyway, the result is utility Model Carousel I released as freeware (with a request of an optional donation) … and because of a time coincidence, also as Christmas gift.

Model Carousel adds a couple of new key-ins to MicroStation and it allows:

  • To navigate between models in a way first, previous, next and last model.
  • Navigated models can be all types or design, drawing or sheet models only.
  • The passage through sheets can be done also in order of sheet numbers.
  • Dgnlib file with tools, toolboxes and tasks related to these key-ins is included in the installation package.

The application is compiled for MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3) Update 1, but it possibly be used also with the most of other products and previous V8i versions.

The installation package (zip file) with a documentation can be downloaded from the product page. I hope users will find Model Carousel useful.

  Jan Šlegr