Blogging on Be Communities

What is a Blog?

A Blog is an online journal. Members can publish short comments and ideas for others to read.

A Blog is automatically created for Be Communities members when they register. You may also be invited to participate in more than one Blog (e.g. Community Blogs).

What are the Blog Page Commands?

When looking at a Blog page, there will be a set of available commands on the right hand of the page which will contain information about the page you are looking at and a list of actions you can perform from your current location. The list of "common tasks" may be shorter according to the level of permissions that your administrator has granted to you.

Some of the common commands from the Blog Home Page include:

  • My Blogs - displays Blogs in which you manage or participate .
  • Control Panel - allows access to Control Panel to manage Blogs in which you have permission.
  • Recent Posts - displays list of recent Posts.
  • Popular Tags - displays list of popular Blog tags.

Some of the commands seen from within a Blog include:

  • This Blog - contains information about the Blog.
  • Common Tasks - takes users to Control Panel to manage their Blogs.
  • Recent Posts - shows most recent posts for that blog.
  • Tags - shows tags used for that Blog.
  • Archives - shows archives by month for the Blog.

How do I find my way around the Blogs?

There are several ways to find your way around Blog content:

  • Browse topics from the Blog home page which highlights new and updated content.
  • Search is another method for finding information on a relevant topic. With Be Communities, you can search across the entire site or just within the Blogs.
  • Browse topics by viewing content by tags.

How can I leave a comment?

  1. Navigate to the Blog and Post of interest.
  2. Type your comments in the "Leave a Comment" box.
  3. Click "Submit".

Can I view old posts?

Yes, you can view old posts by looking at the archives for that blog located on the right hand side of the page. Posts are archived by Month.

Can I be alerted when a new comment appears?

Yes, selecting "Send me email alerts for new comments to this post" under Comment Notification can alert you.

How can I create my own blog?

 If you do not currently have a personal blog on Be Communities, please send us a request.

Can I change the title of my Blog?

Yes, if you have access to the Control Panel (Blog Management).

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel.
  2. Once at the Control Panel, select the Blog you wish to manage.
  3. From the Blog Dashboard, click "Blog Setup" from the navigation on the left.
    Click "Title, Description, and News".
  4. From there, you can edit the Blog Title.

How do I publish to my Blog?

  1. Click "Control Panel" from any Blog page or click "Write a Blog Post".
  2. Once at the Control Panel, select the Blog you wish to manage.
  3. From the Blog Dashboard, click "Write a Blog Post" from the navigation on the left.
  4. Type in the Title of the Post.
  5. Enter content in the text editor (See text editor Help for more information).
  6. Select relevant tags from the list provided or type them in separated by commas.
  7. Click "Preview" tab to review the Post.
  8. Click "Publish" button to publish the Post.

There are several options available primarily by clicking the Advanced Settings check box.

  • Post Attachments - allow for items to be attached to a Post.
  • Video - allows for video to be managed.
  • Options - allows for other items such as excerpts and change the post date.
  • Advanced Options - allows for management of comments and other items related to post promotion.

How can I contact a member who is Blogging?

  1. Navigate to your Blog of choice.
  2. Click on the username of the member you wish to contact.
  3. Their member profile appears. On the right side of the screen, click "Send (member) a private message".
  4. A screen will appear for you to compose a private message.