NYC-Urban Decay

Tourists welcome to NYC!

Welcome to ready to pick up yourselves from the floor after you read this... NY has 5 boroughs. (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island. New Yorkers(Manhattanites) call NYC the Capital of the world, maybe because they never been in other cities in the world so, Queens is considered an overseas land...Astoria is located in Queens and is one of the forgotten (ignored) cities by the authorities even though we all pay taxes.
1.- Every train station in NYC is crumbling including the ones in Astoria
2.- Odious urine does waft at most of the stations.
3.- The trash flutters along with the trains and it's producers.
4.- The rats, mice and other creatures living in the underground system used to be a plague in the past, today they are considered pets by the MTA and the followers.
5.- All new trains run over sectioned railroad tracks (100 year old technology). Gaps in railroad tracks are a thing of the past for civilized countries like in Germany, France etc. NYC the capital of the world does not have this technology and runs in tracks that only Third World Countries use it...there is something fundamental wrong here!!!.

Forget about this epidemic-aging system managed by NYC MTA!
Q: What if we trash all the junk and crap surrounding our burocratic system and start using the disposable modern tools such as BIM technology (Bentley, Autodesk, Graphisoft) and re-design the entire NYC Subway system?.
Washington DC has a decent slice of underground heaven and it's only the capital of USA
New York City is considered the "capital of the world" with Capital Crumbling Decay underground hell.


Getting in and out from the Big Apple...!

People with AIDS Plaza

People with AIDS Plaza, AKA City Hall

Blue Jeans Blue

Better than Safe Heaven Bed

N Train to Astoria

N train ride from "People with AIDS Plaza"  to Ditmars Blvd.

Cheap make-up

NYC MTA Subway map

Pitch it, urine and vomit here!

Pitch it, urine and vomit here!...

Astoria Blvd.

Mayor Bloomberg said: "State of city shaken, not broken." (New York Metro Jan 16/09). I'm sorry Mayor, you are misinformed!