• Microstation SS3 - with same render engine as Modo 501

    The Luxology render engine has been part of Microstation since 2008, and there has been a large number of enhancements and new  features in this period.  The last couple of months I've been beta testing the "SS3" version of Microstation using the same render engine as in the newest build of Luxology Modo 501.  This version of the render engine is a faster and better render engine than anything I've ever used…

  • my last blog post? [not!]

    I would like to continue investigating the potential of Microstation Visualization using the Luxology render engine, and I find it fun and useful to now and then share some results in my "3D blog" here at BE Communities.

    But I honestly don't see any reason to post to a blog that is is placed somewhere it never will be found or read, which I think is the case now after the BE Communities facelift.  I'm not…

  • Shadow Catcher - rendering with Microstation V8i

    Since there currently is no way to render the shadow on an invisible surface in Microstation - I've made this tutorial for a simple work-around:

  • macro time - closeup renderings.

    I've always been fascinated by macro photography, and decided to try to make a 3D model of a small object to see if I could use the Microstation+Luxology rendering capabilities to create something that comes close to macro photography.  The renderings might not be very photorealistic, but I had a fun time creating and rendering this scene, materials and renderings.

    Design and all materials used are made by me…

  • Luxology Render - an interior test

    Nothing special - a simple bedroom modeled in Microstation V8i.  All objects are modeled in Microstation, no imported meshes.  HDRI lighting, no interior lights.










    comments and critics are always welcome! 

    see also my complete 3d blog


  • Luxology Render/ Microstation V8i: samples from my ''TestLab''

    I'm still participating in the Bentley beta-testing of the Luxology render engine.  New features are still being impemented, and I believe more is yet to come.  Here are some of my newest tests, most of the stuff has been shown in the Luxology Render Community in the last weeks. Just various stuff created by the use of Microstation V8i and Luxology Render.  No postwork.


     I discovered that Luxology…

  • Luxology Render: new features - new tests! (same render engine as in Modo 401)

    The Luxology Render Engine is developing incredibly fast  thanks to the Luxology team, and thanks to the Bentley team for the equal fast implementation into Microstation V8i!

    There are a lot of enhancements and new features since my previous blog post.  Here is a new collection of my Test Renderings (as usual no post processing):

    displacement test.  Each ammonite is made of two plane rectangles.  The geometry…

  • Luxology Render/ Microstation V8i: some additional tests

    here are a few more tests from my TestLab:


     this is my entry to a small rendering contest titled "Sustaining Infrastructure"  (click on image for full view)


    carpaint test (click on image for full resolution)


    carpaint test (click on image for full resolution)


    anisotropic metal test



    glow and displacement test



  • Luxology Render/ Microstation V8i: testing FUR/GRASS materials

    one of the newest features is grass and fur materials. Very advanced and at a first glance complicated - but with some testing I think I got the grip on some of the possibilities using this new kind of materials.

    balls of twine


    grass, assigned to a simple rectangular surface.














  • Microstation + Luxology Render = Animations?

    I am a real "noob" when comes to animating stuff using Microstation, but I've been experimenting some hours the last couple of days. I wanted to see if it is possible to achieve interesting results animating materials settings in combination with the new Luxology Render engine.

    Here is a simple test I've made using animated displacement:

    running water

  • Luxology Render - is it any good?

    I've been fortunate to participate in Bentleys Beta testing group for the new Luxology Render engine. Very interesting and challenging testing, - and fun. Luxology rocks! And in case you haven't heard:  Luxology Render is 100% integrated in the newest release of Microstation - the V8i.

    Here are some of my test renderings:


  • Luxology test renderings

    moved to the Luxology test forum.

  • Maxwell Render 1.7.1 is out

    This blog post was written before Bentley announced the deal with Luxology, at a time where Maxwell Render seemed to be the only photorealistic renderer available for Microstation users:


    I love to use Maxwell Render, and it's alway just a few clicks away from Microstation now that Bently have integrated the exporter.  (see also this)


    Here are a few new test renderings I've made using Microstation…

  • from Microstation to Maxwell Render

    As you probably already know:  Bentley has created a Maxwell Render Exporter that makes it possible to export any 3d scene directly from Microstation to the fantastic render engine Maxwell Render .  Read more about it here:  http://www.maxwellrender.com/ 

    IMHO Maxwell is far superior to Microstation when comes to material setup, lighting and photorealistic renderings, - but at the cost of longer render times.  However…