Luxology Render/ Microstation V8i: samples from my ''TestLab''

I'm still participating in the Bentley beta-testing of the Luxology render engine.  New features are still being impemented, and I believe more is yet to come.  Here are some of my newest tests, most of the stuff has been shown in the Luxology Render Community in the last weeks. Just various stuff created by the use of Microstation V8i and Luxology Render.  No postwork.


 I discovered that Luxology Fur could be tweaked quite a bit, and made this rather experimantal use of the feature:  water droplets.  The guys over at Modo liked it, and water droplets is now a preset in the new Modo 401 release.

anisotropic reflections


 curtains with sub-surface scettering effect


 fog test

fog and grass...


 a remake of an image I found somewhere on the net, I think it was a PovRay scene.


 caustics("remake" of a render by Furumaru, found in the Modo gllery)

fluids testing



  • Wonderful! Where can we find sample dgn files to check the settings?

  • thanks scotrail,

    I am planning to do some tutorials, and also try to be a bit more spesific in my future blog articles. Maybe by telling more about the process and about what techniques I've used etc.  

    Glad you guys like my tests and stuff here.

  • these are very, very good.I can just about taste that beer now! Amazing that we can do this.You should write a short paper describing how you were able to accomplish these workls of art.This is something which is sorely missing in our community.I for one would be very interested in learning how you were able to do this.


    Charlie McGowan

    Hatch Ltd

  • Fog test reflects a great art work and the Patterns in anisotropic reflections are just fabulous.

    I liked your remakes Kurt.

  • re KiewitCreator,

    you will find more information here:

    Microstation is a full blown highly advanced CAD package including 2d+3d+render engine (and a lot more) for architects and engineers.

    If youjust want a good 3d modelling app with the same render engine as Microstation, you should have a look at MODO: