Luxology Render: new features - new tests! (same render engine as in Modo 401)

The Luxology Render Engine is developing incredibly fast  thanks to the Luxology team, and thanks to the Bentley team for the equal fast implementation into Microstation V8i!

There are a lot of enhancements and new features since my previous blog post.  Here is a new collection of my Test Renderings (as usual no post processing):

displacement test.  Each ammonite is made of two plane rectangles.  The geometry is created by the displacement...!

displacement test:  only 1 material is used.


testing caustics

 simple displacement used to avoid complicated modeling

Blurred reflections:  only one (1) material is used in this scene!  This entire testcase is more or less "stolen" from a thread at the Maxwell Render Forum where the user Polynurb presented a simple and interesting test using only one single material for a detailed motherboard model. I've downloaded the same model and photo (top view) that Polynurb used, and recreated the test in Luxology. 30 minute preparation and a little less than 30 minute rendering

metal test

more blurred reflections testing

testing one of the Lighting Challenge scenes from

dino head

testing the new camera distortion features

materials testing....

clip maps (opacity maps), materials...

fabrics!  (thanks to Sampaio at the MODO forum for the idea!)


I love DOF!  (Depth of Field)  This image was rendered at 3200px wide to avoid postprocessing.


The new fur/grass plugin (macro) by DanPaul works really great!


  glow material test

metallic paint (coating test)

anisotropic reflections

If you find the rendering engine or my tests interesting, please leave a comment, critics or a question!  :-)