macro time - closeup renderings.

I've always been fascinated by macro photography, and decided to try to make a 3D model of a small object to see if I could use the Microstation+Luxology rendering capabilities to create something that comes close to macro photography.  The renderings might not be very photorealistic, but I had a fun time creating and rendering this scene, materials and renderings.

Design and all materials used are made by me. (I know it's not much of a watch design - but hey - it's my first watch ever!  - next time I'll go for a more 'futuristic' design :))

kurts chronometer - microstation wireframe

The Depth of Field is made within Luxology. I know I could do this much quicker in Photoshop afterwards, but I like the DoF produced in Luxology much better than the PS version.  Even if it is a bit to grainy (256 antialias samples are still not enough to get rid of the noise...!)

 The strap is not very detailed, it's half finished and poorly modeled.  I did not want to spend more than a couple of eveneings modeling this watch scene so I decided to just leave it like that. 

I improved the leather material after rendering this one:  the strange organic micro-contours comes from the 8bit greytone map I used at first.  converting the map to a 16bit texture map and blurring it a bit fixed the problem.


- 9 materials of a total of 11 created for this model.  (I might upload some of them to the entourage section later)

 About rendering times:  Anisotropic materials, blurred reflections, high antialiasing settings, Depth of Field - these are all factors that adds to the rendering time.  The model might be simple, but it renders slow on my octa-core system:  from 45 minutes to more than 4 hours for 1200px wide renderings.  The Dof renderings are much slower than the sharp ones.