my last blog post? [not!]

I would like to continue investigating the potential of Microstation Visualization using the Luxology render engine, and I find it fun and useful to now and then share some results in my "3D blog" here at BE Communities.

But I honestly don't see any reason to post to a blog that is is placed somewhere it never will be found or read, which I think is the case now after the BE Communities facelift.  I'm not sure about this, but it looks to me as if it is very hard to navigate your way from the front page to a gallery or a list of interesting blog posts.   I mean - a URL that looks like this:  ".../other/old_site_member_blogs/peer_blogs/b/kurtss_blog/....."  is for all the stuff you don't want anyone to find, I think... :-).  

Or maybe I'm completeley wrong - anf THIS is the ideal place to blog about 3D, visualization and rendering?

It is not important to have a whole lot of readers, but it's nice to think that a visitor now and then stumbles by.  Maybe I will transfer the stuff to another site where I hope my postings will collect less dust... ;-)