• CONNECT Edition - Display Rules - Highlighting Demolitions

    In CONNECT Edition Display Rules have been added as an additional option for Display Styles. Display Rules are a platform feature that are available in MicroStation and all other CONNECT Edition applications based on MicroStation's core. This simplified example is from AECOsim Building Designer where we have the DataGroup System that stores business data about graphic objects, in this case the Construction Phase of…
    • Tue, Jan 16 2018
  • CONNECT Edition - Configuration Tips : Should I edit ConfigurationSetup.cfg?

    We discourage manual editing of this file as it is written to by CONNECT Edition applications during active sessions updating the value of _USTN_CONFIGURATION (in the [Set Configuration] section of the file) to correspond to the active WorkSpace selected in the User Interface. The [SetConfiguration] section should never be edited. In nearly all circumstances specifying the Custom Configuration via the installer User Interface…
    • Wed, Dec 27 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - Configuration Tips : Reference file variables

    The following tips are valid for V8i applications, the variables mentioned have not changed in CONNECT Edition. From MicroStation help: When MicroStation opens a DGN file, it searches for DGN files that contain attached references as follows: If the file specification contains a custom configuration variable, it searches that directory, using the relative path, if any. It searches a list of directories which consists…
    • Mon, Sep 18 2017
  • What is Power Platform?

    You may come across references to this term in our discussions and documentation. Power Platform is the MicroStation core application that underlies the CONNECT Edition products that are based on MicroStation. In the V8i world we delivered many discipline specific applications that relied upon being installed over specific versions of MicroStation, these have gradually migrated to integrated applications. For instance…
    • Thu, Sep 14 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - Custom Configuration - Part 5 : Separating Project Data from Standards

    An out of the box installation of a CONNECT Edition application is largely centered on folders in Windows' default ProgramData folder. This has to be done so the application can be successfully installed in a fully functioning state. However, live operational data is in practice almost always located on network shares for security and sharing. The location of shared network resources in the Custom Configuration is discussed…
    • Mon, Sep 11 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - Custom Configuration - Part 4 : Standards CFG File Contents

    As discussed in Part 3, Standards can be applied at all configuration levels. As delivered Standards content is configured: At the Organization level by: C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\Configuration\Organization\standards.cfg At the WorkSpace level by: C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\Configuration\WorkSpaces\<WorkSpaceName>.cfg At the WorkSet level, e.g.: C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MicroStation…
    • Fri, Sep 8 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - What does _USTN_USER_CONFIGURATION do?

    In CONNECT Edition - Custom Configuration - Part 1 : Initial Creation Steps I described how the installer can be used to specify the location of your Custom Configuration by setting the value of the variable _USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION listed in "C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\Configuration\ConfigurationSetup.cfg" to the chosen Network Configuration path; e.g.: \\hal\CONFIGURATIONS\MCE. We…
    • Fri, Aug 18 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - Custom Configuration - Part 1 : Initial Creation Steps

    This article is based in the MicroStation CONNECT Edition installation process. The process for other applications is similar but will generally have some additional steps to cover application specific requirements, AECOsim Building Designer (ABD) datasets for instance. The additional steps for ABD are linked from CONNECT Edition - Configuration : Customization Guides. The initial setup of WorkSets requires some manual…
    • Tue, Aug 15 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - Custom Configuration - Part 2 : Standards Folders

    The process in Part 1 created the functional structure of the Organization with the first WorkSpace and WorkSet and the essential configuration files needed for it to operate. It did not create any of the resources that contain and deliver the Organization, WorkSpace or WorkSet standards. These resources need to be created or where they already exist be reviewed and copied into the appropriate locations. Then the configuration…
    • Mon, Aug 14 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - Custom Configuration - Part 3 : Standards CFG Files

    Standards can be configured by files at all configuration levels. Organization The Standards.cfg is the primary configuration file for setting organization wide standards. This is the organization baseline for: locations and names of shared resources; configurable default settings: etc. The Organization standards resources are contained in the Organization folder's subfolders. Note: to highlight that the file is different…
    • Mon, Aug 14 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - Deploying ConfigurationSetup.cfg

    When you create a Deployment Image for MicroStation CONNECT Edition or AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition, the configuration stage of the installation enables the location of the Custom Configuration to be selected in the same way as a manual installation: This step writes the location of the Custom Configuration, normally on a network share (mapped drive or UNC) into the ConfigurationSetup.cfg that is created…
    • Fri, Aug 11 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - Update news

    Two updates coming your way at the moment are an incremental update to the CONNECTION Client (, note a terminology change, the Personal Portal is now known as the CONNECTION Center to tie in with the way the services available are developing. MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 6 is now available for download and will appear as an update in the CONNECTION Client shortly. One thing to take note of is our installer…
    • Tue, Aug 8 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - Edit WorkSet CFG in the Configuration Variables dialog

    The CONNECT Edition Configuration variables dialog is considerably more user friendly than its V8i predecessor, offering more space, column sorting and other improvements. However, one apparent limitation is that any changes made are saved to the current user’s Personal.ucf. This is usually fine for testing but requires manual editing to copy the changes made to the WorkSet or other CFG files. A CONNECT Edition key-in…
    • Thu, Aug 3 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - The Ribbon

    The basic techniques for using the Ribbon are similar to those in Microsoft Office and other Ribbon based user interfaces. Here are a few tips that apply to all Power Platform products: Changing Ribbon Workflow At the top right of the Ribbon we have added the ability to move between a number of different Ribbon layouts, that we call Workflows, by picking the Workflow name from the pop-down menu. To speed this up, following…
    • Fri, Jun 16 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - Using Position Mapping to get to Tools Really Quickly!

    One of the features of the V8i interface, loved by those that discovered and ran with it, was Position Mapping. The ability to drive the UI with simple alpha numeric sequences led to me receiving support calls from some users referring to tools by their Position Mapping sequences instead of the tool name!

    Position Mapping is the consistent mapping of keyboard characters to positions in the interface rather than attempting…

    • Thu, Jun 15 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - AECOsim Building Designer Teaser

    While AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition's well known primary objectives are migration to 64-bit and the Ribbon interface there will be new/enhanced features, 'Place by Element' for instance: (Please visit the site to view this video)
    • Fri, Jun 2 2017
  • Windows 10 - Installing Non-Store Apps

    In the Creator's Update Microsoft have expanded the use of the word 'app' to cover any application in their current terminology. This means that with default settings installing a Bentley application may throw up this dialog: Just turn it off here by selecting 'Allow apps from anywhere':
    • Tue, May 30 2017
  • Configuration - Use Variables in Key-ins to Quickly Open Folders or Files

    For a long time we have been able to edit MicroStation cells by right-clicking and picking 'Open for Editing'. Editing other resources can involve repetitive navigation to locations in the Project/WorkSet or Workspace/Configuration. We have a couple of key-in structures that can help to avoid these repetitive steps.

    1. Open a location in Windows Explorer

    key-in: $ %explorer $(<variableName>)

    • '$' instructs…
    • Thu, May 25 2017
  • Bentley CONNECT Advisor - Learning on demand!

    Earlier this year we launched Bentley CONNECT Advisor, an in-product tool to access context relevant learning material. [Updated July 2017] CONNECT Edition Bentley CONNECT Advisor is installed with CONNECT Edition applications based on MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 4 or later. It was offered as a Technology Preview in Update 4, then became a fully-fledged feature from Update 5 onwards. Updates to the CONNECT Advisor…
    • Tue, Apr 11 2017
  • AECOsim Building Designer - VBA Errors on Startup

    Updated April 2017:

    In some situations a series of VBA errors can occur when starting AECOsim Building Designer. Two possible causes are:

    1. Misconfiguration of a project, in which case the Message Center should contain error messages listing incorrect paths to resources. The Verify Configuration and Validate DataGroup tools can be used to troubleshoot such problems which can usually be fixed by correcting the Project Configuration…
    • Sun, Apr 9 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - Configuration Tips: Search in the Configuration Dialog

    The new Configuration Dialog makes life a lot easier. It can be resized, no more scrolling through a long list that only shows 6 lines at a time! Always use the search bar to find the right variable. Note that as well as the actual variable name, the search also looks through the underlying values and decription. This is intended to help you find variables that could be relevant to your question but do not contain the search…
    • Wed, Feb 8 2017
  • CONNECT Edition - Configuration Tips: Add the Configuration Dialog to the Quick Access Toolbar

    The new Configuration Dialog is a huge improvement over the V8i equivalent. If you use it frequently, add it to the Quick Access Toolbar above the Ribbon:
    • Mon, Feb 6 2017
  • SpaceMouse Update for v10 Drivers

    Current 3Dconnexion drivers use a totally different xml configuration structure to pre v10 drivers.

    (For pre v10 drivers see my earlier article: Mice in Space!)

    The 3d Input Toolbox is still useful with SpaceMouse operations in MicroStation, see the end of this article for brief notes on that.

    The file contains the default button actions and macros used by 3Dconnexion drivers which look like this for my SpacePilot Pro…

    • Tue, Dec 6 2016
  • Setting Active Angle From Existing Graphics

    Here are a couple of golden oldies. While AccuDraw has the RE shortcut to temporarily rotate the compass to an element, in some cases you might want to set the Active angle to a specific angle from an element, perhaps on a on a survey drawing or other existing source material.

    We have two key-ins:

    active angle pt2 prompts for two points along an element or multiple element or just in space, then sets the Active Angle…

    • Fri, Dec 2 2016