• ACS (Auxiliary Coordinate Systems)


    The ACS tools have been significantly improved in current versions of MicroStation-based products. In fact, ACS actually replace the need for Depth Lock (note that Depth Lock has been removed in favor of using ACS).

    If the tool is not visible…

    • Tue, Feb 25 2014
  • 101 - AccuSnap

    AccuSnap is an essential tool that brings a range of snap functions to your cursor automatically. Working with AccuSnap off is usually a huge waste of time, don’t do it!

    It is turned on and off from the AccuSnap dialog. Settings menu > Snaps >…

    • Thu, Feb 20 2014
  • Using It! - Smartmatch via Mouse Cursor

    If you look at the delivered button assignments, Workspace menu > Button Assignments, the key-in for Alt + Data is 'match attributes fromcursor', this only matches the basic attributes: Color; Level; Priority; Style; Transparency; Weight; Symbology…
    • Mon, Feb 17 2014
  • Site Standards #2 - Custom Variables

    I try and minimise the use of custom variables, making the best use of the existing variables wherever possible. The quickest way to do this is to use the Variable Generator in Bentley Configuration Explorer (BCE). Having loaded BCE with your current…
    • Wed, Feb 5 2014
    • Mon, Feb 3 2014