• Site Standards #5 - Site and User Function keys

    It is a good idea to deploy standard settings for function keys and button settings to all your users, even if only one or two changes are required for your site, it makes the settings consistent with your training procedures and documents.

    However there may be cases or individuals where variations are needed. For instance some people have working habits that rely upon certain function keys and will ask for their own…

    • Mon, Apr 28 2014
  • Site Standards #3 - User Preference Seeds

    To make the user experience in your organisation consistent seed files can be established for user preferences. (I'll deal with the possible locations for the UPF and other preferences files in another post.)

    User preferences will be set to MicroStation's defaults when a new user is created or a user's UPF is deleted, the same applies to the three .xml files that store Docking, Task Navigation and Group Panel states…

    • Mon, Apr 14 2014