• AECOsim Building Designer - QuickConfig Standard

    QuickConfig Standard deploys a simple AECOsim Building Designer SS5 network configuration for immediate use or as a template for testing and/or further customisation.

    In brief run the:

    • first batch file to set up the workspace and a test project
    • second batch file to connect each workstation to the network
    • third batch file to set up each user's preferences

    Detailed instructions and background information are…

    • Thu, Jul 31 2014
  • Setting Up in the Real World or "Where do we model?"

    I’ve been picking away at the whole issue of where to model in 3D space for a long time. One of the sources of confusion is the use of ambiguous names or descriptions for some of the key concepts. The following discussion will hopefully clarify things. Several settings and concepts interact or are important to understand: Units of Resolution Design File Centre Solids Working Area Global Origin The waters can b…
    • Wed, Jul 30 2014
  • AECOsim Building Designer - Add Insulation Pattern to Slabs

    In Dataset Explorer copy the slab part to your project dataset, rename it with the suffix _Insulation.

    In the Cut Patterns definition:

    1. Tick in the Pattern column
    2. Change the Pattern type to Patterning
    3. Set the pattern cell to 'baten' (this should be available, I think it is in all datasets)
    4. Set the pattern size to maybe 0.25, you will probably need to play around with the size to get it right
    5. Commit your…
    • Tue, Jul 29 2014