• Site Standards - Colour Tables

    Many users have over the years set the variable MS_DEFCTBL = Company_ColourTable.tbl and then wondered why any other colour table ever shows up.

    The assumption being that once you set a variable for a default colour table that is what you will get.

    However this in not how this variable behaves. The actual behaviour is made reasonably clear in the help documentation where it says: "Default color table if DGN file has none…

    • Mon, Jan 12 2015
  • AECOsim Building Designer - BB_DG_ECSCHEMA_CACHE

    Update: 31 July 2015: In ABD SS6 this variable is predefined at the application level to be $(PROJ_DATASET)SETTING\ so no longer needs to be added to configurations as described in the article below, see Improving DataGroup System load time when using MicroStation tools for more information. A little background: Microstation, AECOsim Building Designer's platform, stores data on elements using a system called EC data. AECOsim…
    • Mon, Jan 5 2015