• Site Standards - Automate Licence Key Distribution

    Here is an often overlooked time saver. How many times have you walked around the office punching in activation codes?

    Use Windows Group Policies to remove that tedious task. Just enter your select server name and activation key into the Group Policy Management Editor and all your users will receive their activation key when they login for the first time.

    This Wiki, Group Policy Administration (ADM) files, includes links…

    • Thu, Feb 19 2015
  • Bentley Configuration Explorer - Find The Sources of All Your Configuration Variables

    Here's a useful tip for Bentley Configuration Explorer (BCE), go to the View tab and tick 'Tabbed Variable Dossier'.

    This changes the Variable Dossier dialog to a more easily navigable tabbed format and, most significantly, adds a Source Code tab.

    The Source Code tab lists:

    • all of the files containing the selected variable.
    • all statements containing the selected variable in each file.
    • the line number of each…
    • Tue, Feb 17 2015
  • Rounding Dimensions

    We have had a few questions about rounding dimensions to the nearest 5mm. This is not currently available via the Dimension Styles dialog but there is a method using a key-in that can modify an existing dimension style. You can test this in any design file without affecting standards then copy the modified dimension style to your standards dgnlib.

    • Open the Dimension Styles Dialog
    • Copy an existing style and rename with…
    • Wed, Feb 4 2015