• Tue, Jun 23 2015

    ABD SS6 - Adding Company Dataset Folders

    One of the joys of ABD SS6 is the updated DataGroup interface where you can choose to locate new or copied items in Company or Project locations. Out of the box, new or copied Company items are put in their own files in the delivered dataset in C:\ProgramData\Bentley\AECOsimBuildingDesigner V8i Ss6\WorkSpace\BuildingDatasets\Dataset_<Region Code>. To make best use of Company parts they obviously want to be in a...
    • Wed, Jun 17 2015

    ABD SS6 - Best Practices - Cached Visible Edges

    Why Cache? the reasons for using cached visible edges include: Freeze designs In a conventional MicroStation environment sheet files and their source Drawing Models are continually updated as references are modified. Bentley users have become used to this. In the modelling workflow continuous updates are usually beneficial and are indicated in the reference dialog. If the dialog is open, the user can choose to...
    • Fri, Jun 12 2015

    Setting Up in the Real World – GeoReferencing

    Background The accuracy of 3D modelling operations can be affected by the limitations of floating point arithmetic. This is a fundamental limitation of current technology. When many complex calculations are involved rounding errors can accumulate affecting modelling results. This was previously discussed in Setting Up in the Real World or "Where do we model?" . To minimise these effects 3D modelling engines are generally...
    • Thu, Jun 4 2015

    Building Success After Hours - June 2015 – The NBS BIM Toolkit and Uniclass 2015 classification system

    Here are links to the presentation material from last night’s event: Marc Thomas's introduction Sarah Delany's presentations: The BIM Toolkit Classification - Uniclass 2015