• Mon, Sep 28 2015

    IFC - Batch processing

    Here are some useful wiki posts relating to IFC Export of multiple files: IFC - Batch Export to IFC using the Batch Processor IFC - IFCOUT Key-in Command and Switches IFC - Export - Setting the Author Properties for Your Organisation
    • Fri, Sep 18 2015

    Configuration - _USTN_SITE vs _USTN_WORKSPACEROOT

    Many customised configurations use the _USTN_WORKSPACEROOT variable to redirect the application to a networked workspace. This is a brute force approach that requires everything in the C:\ProgramData\Bentley\MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries)\WorkSpace folder to be copied to the network including the ...\WorkSpace\System folder which will be identical on every machine. This is a waste of network bandwidth and has the potential...
    • Mon, Sep 14 2015

    ABD SS6 - Adding a PAZ Cell to the DataGroup

    This is an example of adding an existing parametric PAZ cell to a dataset, in this case the US dataset’s ramp being added to the GB dataset (which does not include this item). The method is equally applicable to other existing cells or to new parametric cells created in Parametric Cell Studio. The process for adding a Compound Cell is also very similar. I have included xml code extracts not because you have to edit the...
    • Wed, Sep 9 2015

    Building Success After Hours - September 2015 - SiteOps

    Here is the link to the presentation material from last night’s event: AH September 2015 SiteOps (As the videos are included it is quite a large download.)