• Site Standards - DWG Configuration Variables

    Please note that some of these variables have been changed in CONNECT Edition. Three mechanisms are available to provide consistent settings for DWG Import/Export. Exporting settings to a .DWS file for reuse is a good method to apply differing but consistent groups of settings, particularly with batch export/import. Defaults can be set at site or project level using a dwgsettings.rsc file as described in ...
    • Mon, Jan 18 2016
  • AECOsim Building Designer - DataGroup Graphics vs Metadata

    In a recent forum post Tom Waltz, lead designer for the ABD UI, highlighted a conceptual thing about ABD's placement tools, i.e. the difference between graphics and data.

    The slab tool that places a slab shaped graphic, with top, bottom and edges, is associated via the DataGroup with the metadata that tells the designer and end users that it's a particular kind of slab. That slab can be anything you like (gingerbread…

    • Mon, Jan 11 2016
  • Setting Up in the Real World - Labelling Spot Heights

    Another use for Cells containing text fields (mentioned in Setting Up in the Real World - Labelling Coordinates) is labelling spot heights. As shown in that article, cells can contain text fields that display selected coordinates of the cell origin. A cell that indicates z-height obviously uses the Z coordinate doesn't it? In the 3D model it does, but in a 2D drawing the Y coordinate must be used, Y = up in 2D.


    • Tue, Jan 5 2016