• Text - Special Characters

    We often need to place notes involving special characters, areas, volumes, angles, etc.

    Any special character present in the fonts available to MicroStation and applications based on it can be access via the Text Editor dialog.

    Take the example of  'm²'. The MicroStation Text Editor tool bar has two ways to place 'm²':
    1. the Superscript button that can be used to make any text superscript, there…

    • Tue, Jun 14 2016
  • AECOsim Building Designer - Compound Cells - Non Parametric Doors

    So why in the world of BIM would I want to create non-parametric doors?

    1. So users can place a range of pre-sized standard objects

    2. Non-parametric cells are lighter but carry the same data

    3. Creating non-parametric Compound Cells is fairly quick.

    Step 1 - Create the Cells

    For this example I have created a set of UK metric doors (UK_Metric_DoorCompundCellSourceModels.dgn LINK) with 5 sizes based around standard door…

    • Thu, Jun 9 2016