• SpaceMouse Update for v10 Drivers

    Current 3Dconnexion drivers use a totally different xml configuration structure to pre v10 drivers.

    (For pre v10 drivers see my earlier article: Mice in Space!)

    The 3d Input Toolbox is still useful with SpaceMouse operations in MicroStation, see the end of this article for brief notes on that.

    The file contains the default button actions and macros used by 3Dconnexion drivers which look like this for my SpacePilot Pro…

    • Tue, Dec 6 2016
  • Setting Active Angle From Existing Graphics

    Here are a couple of golden oldies. While AccuDraw has the RE shortcut to temporarily rotate the compass to an element, in some cases you might want to set the Active angle to a specific angle from an element, perhaps on a on a survey drawing or other existing source material.

    We have two key-ins:

    active angle pt2 prompts for two points along an element or multiple element or just in space, then sets the Active Angle…

    • Fri, Dec 2 2016