• Tue, May 30 2017

    Windows 10 - Installing Non-Store Apps

    In the Creator's Update Microsoft have expanded the use of the word 'app' to cover any application in their current terminology. This means that with default settings installing a Bentley application will throw up this dialog: Just turn it off here by selecting 'Allow apps from anywhere':
    • Thu, May 25 2017

    Configuration - Use Variables in Key-ins to Quickly Open Folders or Files

    For a long time we have been able to edit MicroStation cells by right-clicking and picking 'Open for Editing'. Editing other resources can involve repetitive navigation to locations in the Project/WorkSet or Workspace/Configuration. We have a couple of key-in structures that can help to avoid these repetitive steps. 1. Open a location in Windows Explorer key-in: $ %explorer $(<variableName>) '$' instructs that...