• Tue, Jun 20 2017

    CONNECT Edition - AECOsim Building Designer and GenerativeComponents released

    The Commercial Release of AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition is now available for download from Bentley's Software Downloads page. Please see the announcment from Jeff Ashley in the AECOsim | speedikon Announcements Forum . On YouTube we have the Tech Talk: What’s New in AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition . Please review CONNECT Edition - What Features/Capabilities have been Deprecated/Superseded?...
    • Fri, Jun 16 2017

    CONNECT Edition - The Ribbon

    The basic techniques for using the Ribbon are similar to those in Microsoft Office and other Ribbon based user interfaces. Here are a few tips that apply to all Power Platform products: Changing Ribbon Workflow At the top right of the Ribbon we have added the ability to move between a number of different Ribbon layouts, that we call Workflows, by picking the Workflow name from the pop-down menu. To speed this up, following...
    • Thu, Jun 15 2017

    CONNECT Edition - Using Position Mapping to get to Tools Really Quickly!

    One of the features of the V8i interface, loved by those that discovered and ran with it, was Position Mapping. The ability to drive the UI with simple alpha numeric sequences led to me receiving support calls from some users referring to tools by their Position Mapping sequences instead of the tool name! Position Mapping is the consistent mapping of keyboard characters to positions in the interface rather than attempting...
    • Fri, Jun 2 2017

    CONNECT Edition - AECOsim Building Designer Teaser

    While AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition's well known primary objectives are migration to 64-bit and the Ribbon interface there will be new/enhanced features, 'Place by Element' for instance: (Please visit the site to view this video)