• CONNECT Edition - Configuration Tips : Should I edit ConfigurationSetup.cfg?

    [Updated 14 August 2018] We discourage manual editing of this file as it is written to by CONNECT Edition applications during active sessions, updating the value of _USTN_CONFIGURATION (in the [Set Configuration] section of the file) to correspond to…
    • Tue, Aug 14 2018
  • Using it! - Input Focus

    Focus is where input from the keyboard will take effect. Unlike an application such as Microsoft Word, where the input focus is essentially either in the document or in a dialog; MicroStation has several points where keyboard input can be applied. While…
    • Thu, Aug 9 2018
  • CONNECT Edition - DGNLIBs

    This is an updated version of an earlier V8i 101 article. A DGNLIB is a DGN file used for the storage and distribution of shared resources. Its internal structure is identical, only the file extension is different. Files with the .dgnlib extension are treated…
    • Mon, Aug 6 2018
  • Series Index - Setting Up in the Real World

    As items drift down a blog's timeline they can be overlooked, so here is an index for this series of pieces:
    • Mon, Aug 6 2018