101 - AccuSnap

AccuSnap is an essential tool that brings a range of snap functions to your cursor automatically. Working with AccuSnap off is usually a huge waste of time, don’t do it!

It is turned on and off from the AccuSnap dialog. Settings menu > Snaps > AccuSnap.

The default settings work quite well but can be tweaked to suit your preferences. Enable for Fence Create allows AccuSnap to work with Fences, this is off by default, I recommend turning it on.

When AccuSnap is active potential snap points will be indicated by a dotted crosshair and the active snap icon. When you move closer to the available snap point this will turn into a yellow cross, at which point you can accept the snap with the Data button (left mouse button by default).

In some cases AccuSnap will not be available, for instance if you have not ticked Enable for Fence Create in the settings or occasionally with some operations where there is a conflict between the tool workflow and AccuSnap behaviour. When this occurs hold down Shift + Ctrl to enable AccuSnap for that current operation. Shift + Ctrl can also be used to suspend AccuSnap for the current operation if you need to.

The Elements tab offers options for what AccuSnap identifies. Some times in complex files it may be helpful to turn some of these off.

Finding Elements by filled interior is a new ability in V8I. Generally it is useful to have this available, but again, it can be turned off when helpful

Sort hits by element class prioritises Primary elements over Constructions, then Patterns and Dimensions and so on. This should generally be left on at all times.

The AccuDraw shortcut HS toggles AccuSnap on/off.

Also the following key-ins may be used or assigned to function keys or custom tools: