AECOsim Building Designer - Adding a DataGroup Property (Embodied CO2)

This exercise will use a number of SS6 features, in particular the new interface to the DataGroup system. This is entirely valid in CONNECT Edition.

It was prompted by a question about calculating the Embodied CO2 contained in building elements.

The steps involved are:

  • Create the new Embodied CO2 property
  • Add it to DG Items
  • Output to a schedule

Create the new Embodied CO2 property

Open DataGroup Definition Editor from: Building Designer menu > DataGroup- Building Components > Open Definition Editor…

Note the messages in the status bar let you know what is being processed as the Definition Editor dialog opens.

Right-click on the Definitions folder and pick 'New Definition File'

Set the destination to Company and give it file and display names (the file name should not contain spaces).

The new definition will be listed in the tree. Next add the properties that you need, either individually or within new property groups (groups help to organise properties within the definitions interface).

Add a display name if needed (Names cannot contain spaces, display names can) and set the other properties, see help or compare with similar definitions for examples of how the properties operate. In this case I just want a number to be stored for each Catalog item so I have picked integer.

Save then close the DataGroup Definition Editor once you have finished creating new definitions.

It is also possible to include lists of values. In this definition a list of values of Carbon Kg/material Kg has been added, tick the Extendable box to allow users to enter unlisted values (user entered values will be stored in the users personal MRU list in their preferences folder: MRU_Lookups.xml):

The most manageable way to add lists of values per material will be to create a separate definition for each, that makes it quicker to add the definition to the Catalog Items (if a definition contained properties for a range of materials they would all be shown when added, the unwanted properties would need to be hidden).

This shows up in the placement tool as:

Add it to DataGroup Items

Open the DataGroup Catalog Editor, then right-click on the Catalog Type that you wish to add the new definition to. Here I have a previously created User Defined Catalog containing Profiles, pick Properties:

The new Company_Sustainabilitydefinition will appear listed in the Company section of the Available Definitions:

Add the definition Company_Sustainability to those already selected for the Catalog Type:

The new property will now be available for the Catalog Items within the Catalog Type:

Using the Place Profile tool to place a number of hollow slab elements:

Output to a schedule

And creating for this example a very specific schedule:

If the items count is turned off each individual item can be listed: