AECOsim Building Designer - QuickConfig Standard

QuickConfig Standard deploys a simple AECOsim Building Designer SS5 network configuration for immediate use or as a template for testing and/or further customisation.

In brief run the:

  • first batch file to set up the workspace and a test project
  • second batch file to connect each workstation to the network
  • third batch file to set up each user's preferences

Detailed instructions and background information are here (updated 07 August 2014):

ABD SS5 QuickConfig Standard - Deployment Guide

The required files are here:

ABD SS5 QuickConfig Standard - Deployment Files

Use scenarios:

  1. New users - Create mapped drives P:\ and W:\ on your network, run the installation as delivered for an immediate working configuration.
  2. Existing Users - Use the subst batch files to create a local test installation to be used for trialling integration with existing standards and workflows.
  3. Training  - Use the subst batch files to create a local installation for training and experiment.

More posts will follow covering the use of and additions to this configuration.

This has been a collaborative effort involving Bentley UK colleagues Brenden Roche, Bogdan Wasylkiw and Jakub Wachocki. Thank you for your input and feedback guys.


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  • Hi Marc, really great effort and document, that many of us were looking/hoping for. But I have a question.

    On first sight it seems that the Workspace/System folder on the network is used, and not the local Workspace/System folder, is this correct? Because I thought it was best practice to redirect the variable for the systemroot back to your local installation? Could you give me some insight/clarification on this? thanks

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