AECOsim Building Designer - QuickConfig Standard

QuickConfig Standard deploys a simple AECOsim Building Designer SS5 network configuration for immediate use or as a template for testing and/or further customisation.

In brief run the:

  • first batch file to set up the workspace and a test project
  • second batch file to connect each workstation to the network
  • third batch file to set up each user's preferences

Detailed instructions and background information are here (updated 07 August 2014):

ABD SS5 QuickConfig Standard - Deployment Guide

The required files are here:

ABD SS5 QuickConfig Standard - Deployment Files

Use scenarios:

  1. New users - Create mapped drives P:\ and W:\ on your network, run the installation as delivered for an immediate working configuration.
  2. Existing Users - Use the subst batch files to create a local test installation to be used for trialling integration with existing standards and workflows.
  3. Training  - Use the subst batch files to create a local installation for training and experiment.

More posts will follow covering the use of and additions to this configuration.

This has been a collaborative effort involving Bentley UK colleagues Brenden Roche, Bogdan Wasylkiw and Jakub Wachocki. Thank you for your input and feedback guys.


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  • I would recommend leaving the system folder local. There is no need to touch it so use the local folder location. During installation the local workspace location is written to the msdir.cfg file with the variable _USTN_INSTALLED_WORKSPACEROOT=C:\ProgramData\Bentley\AECOsimBuildingDesigner V8i Ss5\\WorkSpace/. You can then set _USTN_SYSTEMROOT=$(_USTN_INSTALLED_WORKSPACEROOT)system/. This will allow you to upgrade without having to worry about redirecting variables and dealing with a networked system folder.

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