ABD SS6 - QuickConfig

QuickConfig Standard deploys a simple AECOsim Building Designer SS6 network configuration for immediate use or as a template for testing and/or further customisation.

In brief run the:

  • first batch file to set up the workspace and a test project
  • second batch file to connect each workstation to the network
  • third batch file to set up each user's preferences

Detailed instructions and background information are here:

ABD SS6 QuickConfig Standard - Deployment Guide

The required files are here:

ABD SS6 QuickConfig Standard - Deployment Files

Use scenarios:

  1. New users - Create mapped drives P:\ and W:\ on your network, run the installation as delivered for an immediate working configuration.
  2. Existing Users - Use the subst batch files to create a local test installation to be used for trialling integration with existing standards and workflows.
  3. Training  - Use the subst batch files to create a local installation for training and experiment.

More posts will follow covering the use of and additions to this configuration.


1. When initially installing that the files are unzipped into C:\BentleyDownloads\ABD_SS6_QuickConfig_Standard. Sometimes when unzipping the download a duplicate folder can be inserted (C:\BentleyDownloads\ABD_SS6_QuickConfig_Standard\ABD_SS6_QuickConfig_Standard) in which case the various copy operations carried out by the batchfiles will be disrupted.

2. If you have cause to repeat the installation, delete the contents of P:\ and W:\ drives (having backed up any data files that you want to keep!) and also ensure that (if it exists) the file C:\ProgramData\Bentley\AECOsimBuildingDesigner V8i Ss6\WorkSpace\Standards\ZZ_ABD_SS6_CompanyConfig.cfg is deleted too.

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  • Thanks for this, it has provided a good starting point for configuration.

    As this is our first deployment of AECOsim, is there anything documenting what else should/could be networked in a shared working environment?

    I note that there are a lot of config variables still pointing back to the local dataset that would in my view, make sense to be pointing to the company dataset i.e. When I drop a section line on my model, AECOsim automatically defines the drawing and sheet models, but it seems to pull the drawing borders from the local dataset, rather than the networked company default which everyone is looking at.  I know and have re-defined the variable in this instance, but I am sure there must be many more like this.

    Also, our target is to have a system which allows our teams to draw in the quickest manor, with a focused set of standards, i.e. the wall types, doors etc that we typically come across, which is fairly limited.  The intention is to create these in the company standards, and then presumably, I can then tell AECOsim to stop looking at these elements of the local dataset, so we don’t see things that are not relevant to us?

    Thanks in advance,


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