AECOsim Building Designer - VBA Errors on Startup

Updated April 2017:

In some situations a series of VBA errors can occur when starting AECOsim Building Designer. Two possible causes are:

  1. Misconfiguration of a project, in which case the Message Center should contain error messages listing incorrect paths to resources. The Verify Configuration and Validate DataGroup tools can be used to troubleshoot such problems which can usually be fixed by correcting the Project Configuration File.
  2. Problems with the installed Microsoft VBA components, generally introduced by Microsoft patches (affecting component registration) or subsequent software installations.

In the second case we have a number of support articles detailing the actions to take to resolve these problems.

However before delving into these solutions an easier option is (assuming it is installed, and it needs to be to take advantage of the DataGroup 'Edit in Excel' feature) to run a repair installation on Microsoft Office. This very often resets the VB/VBA components to the required state.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS12-027 (April 2012)

For background information and full details read Microsoft Security Bulletin MS12-027 disables VBA Scripts  (updated 04-20-2012)

To resolve this run Microsoft Fix it 50864

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS12-060 (August 2012)

For background information and full details read Microsoft Security Bulletin MS12-060 (update to MS12-027) disables VBA Scripts (released 08-14-2012)

To resolve this for Windows 8 based systems run Microsoft Fix it 20097

To resolve this for Windows 7 or earlier based systems run Microsoft Fix it 50930

[Note the Microsoft 'Fix It' links are correct at time of writing but are external links so may change]

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