Bentley CONNECT Advisor - Learning on demand!

Earlier this year we launched Bentley CONNECT Advisor, an in-product tool to access context relevant learning material. [Updated July 2017]


Bentley CONNECT Advisor is installed with CONNECT Edition applications based on MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 4 or later. It was offered as a Technology Preview in Update 4, then became a fully-fledged feature from Update 5 onwards.

Updates to the CONNECT Advisor feature are delivered during quarterly application updates. Each individual CONNECT Edition contains its own CONNECT Advisor feature so it is possible to have multiple instances running if more than one application is in use

In CONNECT Edition applications Bentley CONNECT Advisor appears as an icon at the top right of the application window alongside the Help icon:


For CONNECT enabled V8i applications like MicroStation V8i SS4 (and those based on in it, AECOsim Building Designer SS6 Update 1 for instance) Bentley CONNECT Advisor is a standalone download from the Fulfilment Center that when installed will detect the V8i applications that it can integrate with.

Updates to the standalone V8i version will be offered via the CONNECTION Client update service. Sometimes V8i updates may be a few weeks ahead of those in the CONNECT Edition applications due to development sequences and timescales.

In V8i applications it appears as a toolbox (if it does not appear, open the Toolboxes dialog with Ctrl + T, tick the CONNECT Advisor box):

Using CONNECT Advisor

Bentley CONNECT Advisor is easy to use, just search using relevant terms, Boolean expressions (AND, OR and NOT) can be used to refine search results. Content is available from the resources shown below, results can be sorted and filtered, favourites can be saved. Click on the help icon at the top right for a comprehensive guide.
This is the quickest route to finding relevant Bentley LEARN videos.

Bentley CONNECT Advisor also has options to list additional categories including future events:

To use Bentley CONNECT Advisor you must be a SELECT subscriber and be logged into the CONNECTION Client. For more information on that please see the Bentley Cloud Services Overview.
The CONNECTION Client is installed with CONNECT Edition applications and CONNECT enabled V8i applications from MicroStation V8i SS4 onwards.

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