Bentley View CONNECT Edition

Bentley View CONNECT Edition was first released on Monday 4 February, Update 12 is now available.

This is Bentley's free file viewer for DGN files and ALL the other formats that MicroStation users will be used to accessing:

It is a viewing application, files cannot be edited, but all views, hypermodelling links, display styles, etc. are available to use when viewing.

Printing to devices and file formats is available (but not batch printing), as is publish to i-model (i.dgn).

Download Bentley View

Bentley licence holders can download it from Bentley's Software Downloads site alongside our other applications.

It is also available as a free download for anyone from the Bentley View product page at

Bentley View Updates

Bentley View will be updated on the same cycle as MicroStation, following a short period after each MicroStation update.

Parents Comment
  • Hi Marc,

    It should be included as an advanced viewing/measurement tool.

    Being able to indicate a line or a box through an object and display a cross-section would be a valuable tool to be able to give a client.

    Some of our projects include comparisons between modelled and observed (Point cloud) data and the ability to slice through any point of an object to view differences with an x-section would be very handy.



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