CONNECT Edition - Configuration Tips : Managing WorkSpace and WorkSet creation tools

We provide the ability within CONNECT Edition applications to create new WorkSpaces:

 and WorkSets:


For many users these are useful tools; however in organizations where there are strict procedures about project creation, where projects are often created in advance of any CAD/BIM activities, they have the potential to disrupt processes.

Both of these features can be hidden by use of the MS_CONFIGURATIONOPTS variable.

Set this at Organization level using the following parameters to control the display of these two features:

  • DisallowCreatingWorkSpace - Disables the Create WorkSpace option in the WorkSpace drop-down.
  • DisallowCreatingWorkSet - Disables the Create WorkSet option in the WorkSet drop-down.


Hide Create WorkSpace:

MS_CONFIGURATIONOPTS = DisallowCreatingWorkSpace 

Hide Create WorkSet:

MS_CONFIGURATIONOPTS = DisallowCreatingWorkSet 

Hide Create WorkSpace and Create WorkSet:

MS_CONFIGURATIONOPTS = DisallowCreatingWorkSpace, DisallowCreatingWorkSet 

There are additional switches that disable WorkSpace and/or WorkSet selection.

  • DisallowSelectingWorkSpace
  • DisallowSelectingWorkSet

Setting one or both of these will result in the WorkSpace and/or WorkSet selector being greyed out, this may be useful for some organization structures. For instance, it could be used to restrict new users to a training workspace, or contractors to a specific project WorkSpace and WorkSet (see note below).

This is the effect of DisallowSelectingWorkSpace:

Note: to meaningfully use pre-set WorkSpace and/or WorkSet values for the two variables, _USTN_WORKSETNAME and _USTN_WORKSPACENAME, normally written dynamically to the user's Personal.ucf; they would need to be set and locked at a higher configuration level accessible only to appropriate administrators.

Translated German Wiki article:
CONNECT Edition - Konfigurationstipps: Verwaltung von WorkSpace- und WorkSet-Erstellungstools