CONNECT Edition - Display Rules - Highlighting Demolitions

In CONNECT Edition Display Rules have been added as an additional option for Display Styles. Display Rules are a platform feature that are available in MicroStation and all other CONNECT Edition applications based on MicroStation's core.

This simplified example is from AECOsim Building Designer where we have the DataGroup System that stores business data about graphic objects, in this case the Construction Phase of the wall objects shown below, some which have the value "Existing to Demolish".

I have created a rule using the Generate Display Rules option in the Display Rules dialog to browse for the available properties and values for wall objects in my active file.

Walls that have been assigned the 'Existing to Demolish' value are changed to colour 21 and 50% transparency. The Display Rule is then added to a 'Dems' display style which resymbolises the elements when applied to a view.

The Rules could be stored in composition models or DGNLIBS, Display Rule sets can contain as many criteria as you like. Sequences of Display Rules can be generated to resymbolise according to multiple criteria. The 'Stop if true' option shown ticked here allows some basic logic to be applied to a sequence of Display Rules by stopping further rules to be processed in the current 'Stop if true' rule is satisfied.