CONNECT Edition - Edit WorkSet CFG in Configuration UI

The CONNECT Edition Configuration variables dialog is considerably more user friendly than its V8i predecessor, offering more space, column sorting and other improvements. However, one apparent limitation is that any changes made are saved to the current user’s Personal.ucf. This is usually fine for testing but requires manual editing to copy the changes made to the WorkSet or other CFG files.

A CONNECT Edition key-in rides to the rescue! As most changes that may need to be made by people unfamiliar with CFG text editing are likely to made by project teams at WorkSet level the dialog can be opened to edit the active WorkSet CFG by key-in:


Note the dialog caption indicates the WorkSet CFG is being edited along with its name, the blue colour coding that normally highlights the User variables now highlights the WorkSet variables.

The current expansion and detailed description provide guidance and immediate display of the expansion of changes made.

For anyone concerned about the internal structure of CFG files edited via the UI:

  • existing variables that are edited will be modified and stay in the same place in the file

  • new variables will simply be added at the end of the file.

If the WorkSet CFG is always edited via this dialog lack of neatness in the CFG will not be important, the UI provides enough filtering and sorting.

Once changes have been made the save process will confirm the file that the changes are being saved to (obviously write access is needed to save the WorkSet.cfg), e.g.: