CONNECT Edition - Update news

Two updates coming your way at the moment are an incremental update to the CONNECTION Client (, note a terminology change, the Personal Portal is now known as the CONNECTION Center to tie in with the way the services available are developing.

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 6 is now available for download and will appear as an update in the CONNECTION Client shortly. One thing to take note of is our installer is changing as CONNECT Edition develops. You will have become used to some Microsoft modules being downloaded during install in V8i and the companion features and applications being optional downloads in CONNECT Edition.

With MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 6 have continued our move to a distributed installation where the download is now a very small on-demand installer that pulls the required modules from our distributed servers.

The sharp-eyed will have noticed that the Update 5 download was significantly smaller than that for Update 4. The Update 6 download is only 2Mb!

For anyone running multiple installations the best approach is (in any case) to create a local deployment image to speed up installation by both presetting the installer choices and using local network rather than broadband sources.

For the other changes in Update 6 please see the What's New.