CONNECT Edition - Configuration Tips: Search in the Configuration Dialog

The new Configuration Dialog makes life a lot easier.

It can be resized, no more scrolling through a long list that only shows 6 lines at a time!

Always use the search bar to find the right variable. Note that as well as the actual variable name, the search also looks through the underlying values and decription. This is intended to help you find variables that could be relevant to your question but do not contain the search text in their name. For instance, in the list below MS_DGNLIBLIST is included as DGNLIB files can contain the Drawing Seeds used by Dynamic Views.

The Flags column shows whether a change takes immediate effect once applied or requires an application restart. It also indicates Locked variables.

Translated German Wiki article:

CONNECT Edition - Konfigurationstipps: Suche im Konfigurationsdialog