GC - Working with existing models

While much of the discussion about GenerativeComponents (GC) has focused on model generation, GC has always been capable of working with elements from other DGN files.

In current versions the most appropriate way to make existing DGN data available to GC is to reference files into the GC model then put a Range Box around the area of interest. GC nodes can then use their FromElementsInRange method:

Creating a Range Box is likely to be the first step in most GC exercises involving existing DGN data.

The first video shows a method of creating a Range Box with Sliders:

It's obviously a little tedious to go through this process every time you create a range box so I used the Generate Node Type tool to generate a custom node that wraps up the Range Box creation into one node into which the appropriate values for the two controlling points can be entered:

Once the Range Box is in place, attach the source geometry using the normal Reference attachment tools and if necessary adjust the XYZ values of the control points.

Use of the Generate Node Type tool is covered in the help documentation.

[This blog will be updated with an upload of the Generated Node shown in the video]