OpenBuildings - Live Hyperlinks in Catalog Properties

From Update 4 of CONNECT Edition we added new functionality to the existing Catalog URL Property. Previously this was only capable of presenting the text of a hyperlink. We now offer live links, subsequently enhanced in OpenBuildings Designer to export live links to Excel.

  • This enables live hyperlinks to be added from a model to specifications, product documentation, IOT sensor URLs or any other relevant web address.
  • These links are accessible from within OpenBuildings Designer and can be exported to IFC as clickable links (depending on the way that the receiving IFC viewer consumes the in coming IFC data).

To use this ability first create a new Catalog Definition as shown below, including a default value is optional, this value is editable at placement or in individual Catalog Item Types:

This definition can be saved to the appropriate level of the dataset, in this example WorkSet has been chosen.

The definition is then available to be added as a property to Catalog Type definitions, whether new or existing (note that files containing existing Building elements that the Hyperlink property has been added to will need to be updated by the Schema Upgrade Utility):

This definition can be added to any Catalog Item that benefits from a hyperlink:

The property is then available in the placement tool where it can be edited either prior to placement or modified after placement:

Typed values will be added to the individual user's MRU list:

Active Hyperlinks:

A hyperlink shown in the OpenBuildings Modify Properties dialog can be double clicked (although note that the hyperlink appears as non-clickable text in the Building Element Info dialog).

The same applies to a hyperlink in the EC Schema (MicroStation) Properties dialog, although note that the hyperlink is not editable in this dialog:

The hyperlinks appear in schedules (the Hyperlink property can be added to existing schedules) and can be opened by right-clicking on the item (double-clicking is the action to edit a value so does not apply in this context).

Exporting with live hyperlinks

Schedules can be exported to Excel and other formats. Links will be live and clickable in Excel.

IFC exports include the URL and this will be displayed as clickable or not depending on the way that the receiving IFC viewer consumes the in coming IFC data. For example, Solibri displays live links, FZK does not: