Luxology will turbocharge visualisation

The best news in years for the MicroStation visualisation community is the forthcoming addition of Luxology's rendering engine to MicroStation "Athens". It promises faster and better performance all round and for those of us (which will be many of us by now!) with dual or quad core processors Luxology is multi-threaded so all available cores will be utilised.

From what has been said publicly so far, it seems that the existing interface will remain, which is excellent news for those of us with existing MicroStation visualisation skills. This will ease migration of existing data and workflows. Luxology can simply offer alternative rendering methods alongside or instead of those currently available, working largely in the background. Existing rendering settings will be supported, just driven much faster. However, it will also offer access to all of the advanced options provided by Luxology.

It is not clear from currently published material when we will first see this enhancement, its integration will inevitably require significant development effort. Clearly this is now receiving high priority so we should have a lot to look forward to in the next few months.

The huge advances in MicroStation's display capabilities delivered by "Athens" needed this complementary advance in rendering. The prospects already offered by "Athens" for streamlining workflows by pulling in tasks currently performed in SketchUp or Photoshop are very significant. Hopefully Luxology will offer similar prospects for a range of rendering workflows.