CONNECT Edition - MicroStation Update 1: Installation

Update 1 for MicroStation CONNECT Edition was released a few days ago. This marks the real introduction of Bentley Updates services. Previously tested with updates to the Bentley CONNECTION Client, the Update Service will now update MicroStation itself.

In addition to the update process illustrated below downloads are also available of the full installation and an incremental update installer. The incremental installer depends on the previous version being installed (obviously!).

For administrators concerned about control of the update process, tools to manage this are on the way.

The update process relies upon the CONNECTION Client being up to date, at this time the version should be, the process looks like this:

Right-click on the CONNECTION Client icon in the System Tray, pick Check Updates (the CONNECTION Client will also pop-up an update notification if that option is enabled):

The check for updates will run:

Available updates will be shown, click install and the update will be downloaded, note that we check the status of windows, offering a warning if a system restart is pending from previous installations (typically Windows Updates), we recommend restarting and repeating the procedure in this situation:

Clicking install will download and install the update.

Once the CONNECTION Client is up to date run check for updates again and follow the same process to update MicroStation CONNECT Edition:


and completed: