MicroStation - Grouping Part 3 - Named Groups

Following on from the introduction to Named Groups in MicroStation - Grouping Part 1 this post looks at the Named Groups dialog.

Creating and manipulating Named Groups

To create a Named Group just:

  • Click the 'New Named Group' button
  • Edit the name as required
  • Create a selection set of the elements that are required in the group (note elements can be added or removed from the Named Group)
  • Click the the Add Elements button and accept with a datapoint in the active view.

That easy:

To remove elements from an Named Group, select the elements to be removed, highlight the group and click the Remove From Named Group button.

You can use the Displayset button to isolate the group that you are working with before carrying out that step:

Named Groups are listed in Project Explorer:

where there are several useful right-click options:

There is also the facility to create hierarchical grouping, this could be useful in some circumstances but would need careful management:

The Hierarchy is created by simple drag and drop from the right hand panel into the left hand Hierarchy, e.g. selecting Option A or B:

Named Groups and Referencing

If a reference file contains Named Groups they are listed in Project Explorer in the File tab where they can be used to select and/or isolate groups:

Have you ever looked at the Named View drop down in the Attach Reference dialog? No? Read on...

Using the Named Groups shown above different options can be referenced:

Simply change the Named Group in Reference Settings to see another option without any other change to the reference or it's settings: