MicroStation SS3 Update 1 - New View Sync Option

Whilst SS3 Update 1 is primarily a maintenance release, the new Synchronise Referenced Saved View by Presentation Only option is very useful and will offer a good return on the time invested in an update installation. (SS3 Update 1 will replace existing SS2 or SS3 versions.)


Previously when a Saved View was placed in a reference, typically in a sheet file, modifying the position of the reference within the view or the extents of the view on the sheet required returning to the source model to modify the Saved View then back into the target model to check the updated position/extents was correct. A time consuming process that discouraged users form utilising the Saved View based sheet composition workflow.

Now in SS3 Update 1 Saved Views can be attached using the Synchronize View, Presentation Only option:

This allows the Saved View’s clip boundary to be manipulated giving complete flexibility of reference placement and clipping whilst retaining the display consistency provided by Saved Views: 

Make sure that Disable Handles is OFF before trying to manipulate the clip boundary: