Series Index - Setting Up in the Real World

  • Hi Simon, just to close the loop on this question, we added in the ability to edit the Transform description, described in Setting Up in the Real World – GeoReferencing, naming your transforms

  • Hi Marc

    Great stuff on your blogging I refer to them all the time.

    I have a questions for you

    We are still using ABD v8i

    We're working on a mining project in the outback and a surveyor and set up a plant grid for us. The surveyor has also supplied a .dty file that I am pointing to with MS_GEOCOORDINATE_USERLIBRARIES. This is all good.

    The site we are working on covers approx. 4km and we have 4 main areas of the plant that I am setup a local grid system based on the Surveyors. The image below shows the 4 areas color coded blue, green, yellow and red. You can also see in the GCS dialog the EWPG grid system setup for us as seen when working in the site wide grid system.

    One of the issues when you have users working in multiple areas is that the GCS dialog doesn't not give you anymore information besides that the current GS has A Helmert Transformation applied to it as shown below.

    Is is possible to set the reference attachment based on a grid system or customize the reference attachment Orientation.