Using It! - Text - Special Characters

We often need to place notes involving special characters, areas, volumes, angles, etc.

Any special character present in the fonts available to MicroStation and applications based on it can be access via the Text Editor dialog.

Take the example of  'm²'. The MicroStation Text Editor tool bar has two ways to place 'm²':
1. the Superscript button that can be used to make any text superscript, there is also subscript button.
2. the Symbols button, this can be used to pick any symbols available in the current font.

Click the down arrow to see saved symbols (Favorite Symbols) or click the Symbols button to open the Symbol dialog (this is similar to Windows similar to Character Map):

Click on the character that you need, then Insert. Click on Add to favorites to add to the Favorite Symbols list.

Favorite Symbols are stored in FavoriteSymbols.xml located in each users preferences folder. Add all the symbols that you and your team need to one copy of this file then distribute to all users, either manually or with a simple login script (such as that used by the MicroStation - QuickConfig Standard and ABD SS6 - QuickConfig).