Using It! - Bump Tool Settings

We provide an AccuDraw shortcut to 'bump' the first tool setting shown in the Tool Setting dialog from its initial value to the next available. For example, in the SmartLine tool you can place lines and arcs:

The key varies by region, it is tilde in the US '~', accent '`' in the UK.

How about the other tool settings?

Well...the key-in command invoked by AccuDraw is 'accudraw bump toolsetting', this can be incremented, so 'accudraw bump toolsetting 4' will affect the fourth option down.

Try it via the key-in dialog; note that the numbers will not be offered as a prompt, simply type the number:

Attached is a Personal.KeyboardShortcuts.xml that contain commands for 9 levels just in case there is a set of tool settings with that many levels (although I have not found one yet..).

If there are only four settings that can be bumped, sending 'accudraw bump toolsetting 7' will result in a Windows error sound.

Pressing and holding the initial shortcut key will show the child commands:

Sharing Customised shortcuts

Customised shortcuts can be shared across teams by setting MS_KEYBOARDSHORTCUTS to point to a Personal.KeyboardShortcuts.xml file in a Custom Configuration. e.g.:


This would generally be set in an organization's Standards.cfg file.