Using it! - CONNECT and V8i Tips Documents

I have been updating an informal training document written during my pre-Bentley consultancy days to current CONNECT Edition versions.

The object of the document is to highlight some of the fundamental operational features of MicroStation and related applications. From basic guidance such as Inga Morozoff's well known:

"Pick the tool, adjust the settings, follow the prompts and Draw..."

to highlighting important concepts such as application Focus and usability features like AccuDraw and AccuSnap, this is intended to be a handy reference guide.

It comes in two versions:

MicroStation CONNECT QuickStart (Update 16 version, updated January 2023)

for new users (who have no V8i habits to kick!) and as a refresher for current users.

To help migration from V8i to CONNECT, V8i and CONNECT tips are presented side by side

Marc's MicroStation V8i and CONNECT side by side QuickStart (Update 13 version, no longer being updated)

this version is in A3 horizontal format. There is quite a lot of white space on some pages. White space in the left-hand V8i column indicates CONNECT has new features, White space in the right-hand CONNECT Edition column indicates that the feature/function is the same as V8i (note, updated dialog screen grabs may have not been included for every single case).