Using It! - CONNECTION Client Tips

Here are a few points on using the CONNECTION Client. As this utility is updated more frequently than our primary desktop products always go to the CONNECTION Client wiki for the latest and more extensive information.

Right-click on the Tray Icon in your Taskbar to go to the CONNECT Center to access online resources or to open the CONNECTION Client:

Once opened the CONNECTION Client also includes a link to the CONNECT Center and displays available notifications and updates. The settings menu at top right accesses various options including the preferences, some of which are mentioned below:

The first two dialogs have options that can be set to minimize interaction with the CONNECTION Client:

To keep the CONNECTION Client in the background tick both of these boxes:

If you do not want to see any notifications from the CONNECTION Client about changes to CONNECTED Projects, products updates, etc., just untick this box:

To save space on your C:\ drive when downloading updates change the download location to another drive. While many applications only download a small boot-loader, some of our downloads are still large.

(This is only relevant if you have permission to download updates. If you are working in a managed system the administrator will probably have restricted permission to download and/or disabled automatic updates.)