What's changed in Navigator CE and what it means?

Think about upgrading from Navigator V8i to Navigator CE? You need to be aware of all these changes...

Major Changes in Navigator CE as compared to Navigator V8i:

  • can only open mobile i-models (.imodel)
  • can NOT open files directly from ProjectWise
  • can NOT attach ref files
  • can NOT create overlay files

Meaning we can NOT use the same way to work in Navigator CE as V8i!

  • first off, we need to convert regular i-model (.i.dgn) to mobile i-model (.imodel). You can use 'dgnV8converter.exe' delivered with MicroStation CE update 11 for the conversion 
  • you can open mobile i-models either from local PC or Project Share Service in ProjectWise Project (formerly known as Connected Project)
  • because we can NOT attach ref files interactively in Navigator CE, package mobile i-models (contains all refs you need) have to be built in advance (I know it's crazy, right before design review, you find a ref is missing, now you need to rebuild the whole package i-model instead of just building the ref then attach it!)
  • because NO overlay files any more, all the markups\comments can only be captured in Issue Resolution Service in ProjectWise Project

Overall, ProjectWise Project becomes a prerequisite to run Navigator CE. If you are not familiar with it, better to catch up!