Putting ProjectWise Online - Part 1 - Requirements and Implementation Options

This is a journey into setting up ProjectWise with SharePoint and putting it online for a large project.  The project itself is a reconstruction of a 7+/- mile corridor that includes replacement of an existing bridge, reconstruction of six interchanges, and enhancement of the transit and bike/pedestrian connections.  The project will be 3+ years for design and then a construction phase that has not been decided at this point.  ProjectWise and SharePoint will be the document management system for the entire project team.  The team consists of 2 state agencies, 20 consultants, and multiple local agencies.

Requirements and Implementation Options

My employer was assigned the task of implementing, hosting, and maintaining the document management system.  The system should help with coordinating tasks for the project and should allow the project team to manage and share project drawings, documentation and correspondence in a secure environment.  There were several questions that needed to be answered early on.  Where should the content/data be stored?  What types of content/data will need to be managed?  How to coordinate activities and be able to notify the entire project team collectively?  What about security?  How will this whole document management system look?  Well, to answer the questions we had to look at what options where out there and after looking at multiple options we narrowed the search down to 2 options.  ProjectWise or SharePoint?  The table below show the advantages or disadvantages of using either one.

So, as you can see the column on the right depicts that if we used both we could answer the questions.  The solution was to use ProjectWise to manage the content/data and to manage any client standards including folder structures, naming conventions and CAD standards.  Use SharePoint to coordinate project activities like establishing project meetings, assign tasks, create RFI's and announcements, and then visually track all the activities.  This will help manage the project proactively.  Then integrate ProjectWise with SharePoint so anyone working on the project can access all critical project information.

This is part 1 of Putting ProjectWise Online, see Part 2 - Setup and Preparation of ProjectWise of my blog for additional content.